From Cucamonga to 50 countries.

Life is weird.

Who would have thought a kid growing up in Rancho Cucamonga, California, would end up living and working from more than 50 countries?

I’m not a travel blogger or guru and I have no desire to build a personal brand. I simply want to live a good life and share amazing experiences with people I love and trust. As I approach 40 and think about starting a family, I want to take more time to reflect on my past while sharing my current thoughts.

My newsletter — Write Before Bed — is just that.

Every night, before bed, I’ll put my tired eyes before my laptop’s screen and write a summary of what I was thinking and experiencing that day.

Why should you care?

You shouldn’t. Do what you wish. All I can do is make the following promises and allow you, the reader, to determine if my words are worth your time.

I, Raymond Duke, promise to be:

  • Honest. We’re bombarded with lies daily. The news and politicians use lies to get what they want and this makes us feel it’s acceptable to lie to get what we want. If my newsletter helps at least one person add more honesty to their life, I will be happy.

  • Interesting. I’m already getting distracted as I write this. I’m not being interesting for my readers — I have to be interesting or else I’ll quit!

  • Helpful. I don’t think too highly of my accomplishments because I’m always comparing myself to people who’ve done better. Yet when I share what I’ve done (e.g., helped my clients make millions, lived and worked from 50 countries, spent over $500k of my own money on advertising — and made a profit) with others, they seem impressed.

Your choice, my rules.

You may subscribe or scram. Makes no difference to me!

When I write advertising, I write what my reader wants to read because that’s how I make money. Write Before Bed is the opposite. I write what I want to write about in my newsletter because it’s how I keep my sanity.

Now that you know what this about, use that button below to get more writing like this sent to your inbox every day.

Raymond Duke